Rebirth of the Crypto Finance  

The algorithmic crypto mining using a wallet-to-wallet proof of stake bring that trading helps most the financial sector to earn passive incomes from thousands of micro-trades/hours with our financial SaaS software. As interest rates are no more a trustable source of income for the banking industry : Beclouds brings the one stop shopping solution ready made to switch in one click the clients to very profitable and stable earnings  

These trades are the thousands of blockchain validations secured in the network and rewarded from the cryptos themselves in their structured native architecture. 

Secured Crypto robots wallet-account holders to wallet-account holders in the exchanges (W.A.H.) are working night and days for your client's benefits 

Transactions/validations are validated between all of these WAH 24h/24 - offering the maximum security to the Ecosystem 

Multi-tasked SaaS software for hybrid cloud consoles & client platform management 

Cryptovault is the dynamic ecosystem run by smartbots scanning the whole masternode market pricings in the cryptoworld of currencies & tokens.  Making profits 24h/24 can help the market transitionning from the unstable cryptocurrency Trading marketplace to a linear growth without volatility. Beclouds has developped an innovative technology combining an infinite A.I. power-calculation, a network of smartbots to pilot the Ecosystem and a smooth robotic cloud-architecture to help professionals to focus on their client-strategies on a daily basis